We want to make the experience of customer coming to restaurants more amazing and interactive. While visiting the restaurant and having difficulty to figure out which dish to order just by knowing its name. Imagine how great it would be, if we are able to visualize the food item while ordering and getting your taste buds ready, inspired by this idea we are working on a product which will let you imagine your food before ordering.

Using technologies like AR, IOT, ML, we will make menu experiences more realistic and more interesting. Think, if this kind of technology is applied in small and mid tier restaurants in India, then this can really revolutionize the industry. There will be an increase in income of these restaurants as the customers will be amazed by the new technology which they will be using. This won’t only boost the business of these restaurants but also advertise them in a new way. We will be showcasing our startup on the jazbaa platform under IIEC community.