IIEC student community has planned a small stint, with a Free Workshop in the disciplines of – Machine Learning, with its integration with Dockers on Redhat Linux Platform, which would serve as a proactive foundation to the budding engineers. The workshop would be delivered by Mr. Vimal Daga, Industry acclaimed Technical Expert & World’s first Red Hat Certified Architect Level – 21.

Our very own student community has faced this problem of being underestimated on being tagged with a label of ‘Fresher’. A Fresher which was meant to bring in new energy to the system, is often discarded or not given proactive platforms to showcase or lead what they want to do or create in this lifetime?

“The story which echoes in every nook and corner”

But, a man with a Vision to make a difference – Mr. Vimal Daga, was determined to work for the same and to instil the new culture, where ‘Fresher’s’ are entrusted onto their potential and capacities.

To prove the World, That A College-going student has proactive and immense potential to ‘Be the Creator’ and can achieve his/her entrepreneurial pursuits right from the time, when he starts to explore the arena of Engineering in the College itself. To bolster this vision, Mr. Vimal Daga founded a student community named – Indian Innovation & Entrepreneurship Community (IIEC) in 2015, with its very impart & develop technical excellence among fellow students.



  • To make student’s well-versed with technical knowledge and to establish proactive balance between the technical knowledge and hands-on working in the same environment.
  • The Platform also aims at mitigating the gap between the Academia’s and Industry, with future outlook to establish a community base to disseminate the vision in every region of Pan-India, which would help bolster economy with the fecund ‘IT Sector’ in the nation itself.

Often Students, even after having corrective technical knowledge base, fail to conceive the very idea to develop a product, or How to initiate the product development. They have the groundbreaking ideas, but this lag leads them nowhere on the course of fruition.

Our IIEC student community strives to impart this technical excellence and on the other hand, help promote entrepreneurial culture among the engineering students, to lead a digital revolution across the nation.