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JAZBA HASHIM ABDULLAH TRUST was established in 2018 to provide services to marginally deprived section of the society and minorities. We are registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1982 bearing registration number 41081811592 dated 14th November,2018. We are a Non-Governmental/Non-Profit Organization and are engaged in socially beneficial projects in a transparent and organized manner. Our projects are not exclusive to any particular community and we strive to work on common social issues across the religious divide. We strive to work with various communities to improve the lives of others in need.

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Our work Areas

We believe that education is both the means as well as the end to a better life: the means because it empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the end because it increases one’s awareness on a range of issues – from healthcare to appropriate social behaviour to understanding one’s rights – and in the process help him/her evolve as a better citizen. Education is the most effective tool which helps children build a strong foundation; enabling them to free themselves from the vicious cycle of ignorance, poverty and disease.


  • To create awareness on health, hygiene, sanitation, immunization etc. at the grassroots level.

  • To provide free medical camps.

  • To work with competent government authorities in order to bring awareness in the community about fatal diseases like HIV, AIDS, STDs, etc.



  • Free supply of books /study materials including stationeries, school bags, uniforms etc.

  • To create education awareness program in rural & slum areas of the society.

  • To provide vocational training for illiterate, unskilled, women and economically deprived section of the society.

Economic & Social Welfare

  • Adopt a village programmes in the coastal districts of Odisha.

  • Demystifying government schemes and making it accessible for poor and downtrodden.

  • Improving infrastructure of model village schools & primary health care centres.

  • Disaster management programmes in Odisha as the state often gets hit by natural calamities with cyclones being most common occurrence.


But while working on the ground, we realised that child education cannot be done in isolation, without ensuring the welfare of the whole family. Health is also a part of education. A child will not go to school if he is sick. If a child’s parents are afflicted with health problems, he might drop-out of school and start earning instead. Unless the mother is healthy and empowered, the child cannot be either. It is all interlinked. 

Our other programmes evolved as a logical progression to our education

programme – be it livelihood, health or women empowerment. Today, children and education continue to remain at the centre of all we do, but through the lifecycle approach we also address the needs of the children’s families and communities.

How we do it?

Social venture

Social Venture (SV) is an innovative model based on the business concept of venture capital. Under SV, Jazba Foundation identifies and implements its development projects through credible community based organizations. We also handhold and build capacities of these organizations, focusing on achieving scalability and sustainability, creating a culture of leadership and excellence and inculcating a deep sense of accountability among them.


Under Outreach model, Jazba Foundation implements the development interventions directly as it requires intensive and professional engagement for a wider and sustained outcome. While working in remote rural areas, we realized that an intensive on-ground intervention is needed, which might be beyond the capacity of community based organizations and hence, we directly implement such projects, liaising with local community stakeholders for better social return on investment.

why trust us?

Credibility and accountability have always been the bench mark for Jazba Foundation and are achieved through the promotion of principles of good governance in the processes and practices. We have a four- tier audit and evaluation mechanism to ensure impact of investment and complete transparency and accountability in utilisation of funds

Our Exclusive Program


Women Empowerment & Entrepreneruship program

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In India 70% of women are suffering from reproductive tract infections because they don’t use sanitary napkins. Using clothes and other things during Period causes infections, which lead to many diseases including infertility and cervical cancer.

Few reasons on why sanitary napkins are not used/popular in remote areas, villages and small cities include

Myths and misconceptions related to their usage
Most of the shopkeepers are men, women are hesitant to buy from such shops Good quality sanitary napkins are very expensive thus not affordable.

Inspired by our faith, we work with an inclusive approach regardless of beneficiaries’ faith, race, ethnicity, age and ability. We recognise the complexity and dynamic nature of the work we engage with, and actively seek a participatory approach from all levels to address the underlying structural and systematic causes of poverty within the communities we work with.

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Our values and faith

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our objectives

  • To promote goodwill, brotherhood, peace and co-operation among the different communities.

  • To protect and safe guard the interest of minorities, weaker section and poor masses of the society by popularizing Government scheme and by giving petition, memorandum to the government.

  • To manage, maintain and run computer, electronic, technical and non technical institutions and other vocational programmes for unemployed youths in the rural and urban area.

  • To give scholarships, prizes and monetary assistance to minorities students, weaker section and poor classes of the society.

  • To give relief against famine, cyclone, floods, fire and all kinds of distress and calamities.

  • To arrange and hold conference, exhibition, meetings, discussion, mushairas, kavi sammelan and other activities to promote the stated objectives of the trust.

  • To provide health care facilities to the rural and urban people and run health awareness programme, sanitation programme for fatal diseases AIDS, Cancer, T.B., Hepetitus "B", Leprosy eradication programme and also run health care centre, mobile dispensaries, health check up centre, vaccination and medical camp.

  • To run environmental awareness programmes, plantation drive, sanitation programme in urban and rural area of the society and make aware all kinds of people to use non-conventional energy.

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