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Why Support US?

Real impact and value-for-money-

We are clear in our responsibility for every penny entrusted to us, and believe in a spiritual and moral obligation to accountability. Amongst the leaders in the humanitarian sector, we protect and enhance our high quality programmes, investing in delivering real results for the world’s most vulnerable people, whilst securing value-for-money and the lowest possible overhead costs.

We continue to be recognised for our financial transparency – and invest in developing ever-more rigorous accountability and governance systems that maximise the benefits we deliver with the contributions of our donors.

Jazba- Humanity First works hard to further strengthen the governance that allows us to operate effectively and efficiently.

Humanitarian Ethos-

Our global strategy aligns our work to our faith-inspired vision, mission and values. We are actively developing distinctive approaches to the key issues facing our world, in the context of the Humanitarian faith – which recognises that people with wealth have a duty to those who are less fortunate, as defined by all religious scriptures.

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Experience and Expertise-

Jazba- Humanity first, has helped millions of India's most vulnerable people during our 20 years. In that time, we have developed a whole host of skills and expertise.

As one of the top 100 charities in India, our reputation and credibility means that we can, and do, choose to work with influential bodies and institutions that share our humanitarian goals. Pooling resources and expertise, by working together we deliver real help where it is most needed.

A great example of this is our membership with top agencies in India that help empower and uplift the deprived.

We are also owners of several groups that applies business efficiency to civil society tasks through its quality-focussed charter. Through our support platform, we actively support the development of other civil society bodies in order to achieve even greater impact for the world’s most vulnerable people.

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Close to communities-

With a presence all over India, we have a deep understanding of the issues and the causes of poverty and suffering in many different communities.

We can be amongst the first to respond in an emergency. We can also work in areas where other organisations may struggle to get access.

We do not define ourselves as a ‘northern’ or a ‘southern’ organisation, and we reflect this in how we make decisions. Through our regional hubs, we are now closer than ever before to the communities which we serve.


These centres of leadership engage vital programming expertise and harness valuable regional knowledge to make decisions that enhance the quality and impact of our work.

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