What is Jazbaa
Jazbaa is a phenomenal Monthly Youth Magazine, which is the first initiative
by the team Jazbaa, to spread knowledge about

Corporate World

Education Sector

Campus Corner

To add to it, we also make the world acquainted with upcoming youth entrepreneurs who have made their way to the top after a long struggle in order to inspire the common masses to take a stand in their life and do something extra ordinary. And the fun part, we add Entertainment to this doze of Knowledge.
Who We Are
A team of aspiring youth, who have come together for the betterment of youths (young gen'y), spreading knowledge along with fun. We as a team have come up with many innovative and creative ideas to spread the word. Team Jazbaa started this magazine as our first Initiative, which is running successfully across the nation. And the fun part is we make all this entertaining by adding sections like Chutzpah, Critically Correct etc. We are coming up with more of this Fundoze of Knowledge. Stay tuned.
Often Great things happen, when two innovative minds work together and come up with something which the world has never seen. And that's how it (Jazbaa) came into the picture.

We as a team came up with numerous creative ideas to keep this magazine as entertaining as it can be we also tie up with various colleges and sponsor various events as magazine partner and in order to function we charge minimal subscription fees annually.

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Our team operates from Mumbai and have entered into various ventures across the country. You can catch up with us on..
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