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IIEC Community engendered with a vision to provide platform to the ‘Average & Below Average’ Students , who have always been typically OUTCASTED by the conventional MERIT and SCHOLARSHIP Scheme. We TRAIN them, We INVEST in them , and most importantly, We BELIEVE in their TALENT. We live by the principle that -“The IGNORANT Youth of Today, Will be the CREATORS of TECHNOLOGIES of FUTURE”


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Artificial Intelligence
Cloud Computing
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Machine Learning

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Jazbaa is a wide range platform for the engineering students wherein they can showcase their startup ideas.
We believe that an ignorant youth can make our nation " CREATOR OF TECHNOLOGIES" leading to our vision of Making India Future Ready.
All the engineering students who have enrolled themselves for Research Based Summer Internship Program - INDUSTRY 4.0 can actively participate in this event.
This event is being organised by the Indian Innovation Entrepreneurship Community founded by Mr. Vimal Daga.
Fortune Top Companies and the Industry Expert are going to witness this entrepreneurship event
Startups will be getting recognition by the Industry Experts and the IT Companies that will be gracing the event.
We have several food and beverage brands who have partnered with us for this event.
A hackathon is a marathon software and hardware product creation event.
It's a program which mainly focuses on smarter world. It comprises of technologies like Machine Learning/Deep Learning(AI) + IoT.
It is a student-community wherein students work on their startup ideas using open-source technologies mentored by Mr. Vimal Daga.
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